Throwing money around poses a serious security risk – DSS warns

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The money throwing burial of Obi Cubana’s mother has attracted the right crowd and the wrong crowd as well. There will never be a burial like Obi Cubana mother’s burial, judging from the money that was thrown during the ceremony. Even though, she was few months from turning 80 before her death in December, it was a celebration of life as influential people that came for the burial ceremony turned it into a carnival and money spraying was the Motto and watchword of the ceremony.

The donations started with a trailer-load of cows, which indirectly turned the famous businessman/club owner, Obi Cubana, into a herdsmen, as more than 400 cows were donated to him for the burial ceremony of his mother. Then later on, a diamond necklace with his mother’s face immortalized in it was given to him by his friend turned Brother, Obis gallery. The necklace is said to be worth more than 5 million naira. In return, Obi Cubana gifted him the most expensive cognac in the world, said to be worth over 6 million naira.

The burial ceremony was turned into a show of affluence as every influential person came with its own wand of money and in different denominations. Entertainers all over the world came to sympathize with Obi Cubana, who is now an orphan as he lost his father 15 years before his mother passed away.

In other news, Obi Cubana reveals the reason why he made his mother’s funeral, a show of affluence and wealth. He said that, his mother was the only thing he had in this world as his father passed away 15 years ago and his mother was always praying for him, even when he was doing menial jobs in Abuja before he started show business.

Obi Cubana started by doing contract jobs for people, which includes furnishing houses and selling beers at a beer parlour. Before he opened his first club in Abuja known as Club Ibiza, he was a small-time beer vendor at Abuja gardens. He also said that, he made his first 1 million naira when he finished service in 1994. Obi Cubana doesn’t believed in rituals but in hard work.

Brief biography of Obi Cubana and his source of money

Recall that, Obi Cubana was born on 12th April 1975 as Obinna Iyiegbu in Oba, Anambra State. He is the fourth child and the last son of his parents. He had his primary and secondary school education in Central Primary School and Dennis Memorial Grammar School respectively, both in Anambra state. He graduated from the University of Nigeria Nsukka in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science.

Even with a degree in political science, he didn’t care so much about being a politician. He rose to stardom after he founded a club in Abuja called Ibiza in 2006, where fun-seekers found refuge. Due to the tremendous success of the Ibiza club, he opened a hotel/club in Owerri that provides all-around entertainment and satisfaction in 2009.

Today, he has opened several Cubana’s clubs all over the country and he is planning on establishing his club in Dubai and opening a Cubana Real estate company. His establishments currently are Rolex Hotels, Cubana Leisure Outfits, Pablo Cubana, Crave Cubana, Grand Cubana Hotels, Opium Cubana, Cubana Night Clubs, and Gustavo Cubana.

In other news, Obi Cubana revealed that he met his wife Lush Eby when he was staying in a one-room apartment in zone 4 Wuse, Abuja, and then, he didn’t have a bed plus the room was being shared between him and 4 other boys. So he doesn’t believe in rituals or that, it’s only with money that a woman can love you dearly. His motto is, to keep working hard and never stop even when you are failing.

According to The Cable, Department of State Service (DSS) warned that, throwing money around could pose a serious security risk. The DSS also said that, throwing money around makes one susceptible to kidnapping and bandits attacks. The Department of State Service (DSS) gave this warning on Friday in Ilorin under Paul Oduh, the deputy director, security enforcement, DSS Kwara command.

Paul Oduh says, “People must adopt moderate lifestyles, so as not to fall prey to these criminal elements, The country is ravaged by insecurity on daily basis. However, people should not despair, security should be concern of all people and they must be enlightened on it.

“Security can never be 100 percent everywhere in the world. People should be knowledgeable enough on those things they can do to protect themselves.

“Security denotes free from danger and protection of lives and property where individuals can pursue their lawful activities.

“There is need to accept that threats exist and people are targets of these threats. This is why people should put in place measures to safeguard themselves from such threats”.

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